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Catalog: Clandestine Drug Lab Recertification/Refresher”

Courses: 7
This course is designed for the law enforcement officer that has successfully completed the 40 basic Clandestine Lab Certification Course. This annual clandestine drug lab refresher training program complies with Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 29 §1910.120(q).You must complete all 7 modules in the series to receive the (1) certificate for the Clandestine Drug Lab Recertification/Refresher.

Catalog: Crime Victim Series

Courses: 1
Courses designed to inform officers about the rights and resources available to victims of crime

Catalog: Criminal Investigations

Courses: 11
Courses designed to assist the officer in investigating crimes

Catalog: In The Line of Duty

Courses: 7
Courses from the In the Line of Duty training series

Catalog: Legal Issues

Courses: 11
Courses involving new and changing legislation that affects the laws officers enforce

Catalog: Officer Wellness

Courses: 9
Courses designed to help the officer maintain a healthy lifestyle while on the job

Catalog: Ohio School Threat Assessment Training

Courses: 11
The Ohio School Threat Assessment Training course is initially designed for School Resource/DARE officers or other law enforcement officers whose primary responsibilities include school safety. Please coordinate with your department before taking this training. You must complete all 11 segments in the series to receive the (1) certificate for the Ohio School Threat Assessment Training, plus have your chief/sheriff sign the appropriate grant documentation to receive payment.

Catalog: Patrol and Operations

Courses: 6
Courses designed to assist the officer in their fundamental duties

Catalog: Statutory Mandates

Courses: 11
Courses required by legislation to be completed for all officers
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